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Dear Yuletide author,

Thank you so much for offering to write :D I am pretty easy to please, but here are some themes or prompts and general blabbing about things that are hopefully helpful to you! Of course, all prompts are optional; if you have a better idea of what you want to write, go for it! 

I have written a few things on my current AO3 account (Aansero), and though only of TGE, they're reasonably explicit in what I like ;)

I will shamelessly say up-front that my favourite things are iddy whump, angst, and h/c tropes. The darker and/or more gory the better, though a happy ending of some description would be my preference! I like my woobies in the iron variety. They are strong, stoic, clever, even in the face of immense suffering. If they break, make them fight first.

That said, I also have a particular liking of non-dark action/adventure, very mild h/c, case-fic, all sorts of loyalty tropes, and characters who are deeply in love or strong in friendship working together to solve the problems life throws at them. So please don't feel pressured to write something dark if that's not your cup of tea. Gen is as loved as slash/het. I am good with most AUs, mundane or otherwise.

My DNWs are reasonably limited: Please no PWP, explicit sex involving female-bodied characters, character bashing, pair-the-spares, or death/infidelity in main characters. An unhappy ending, if mild, is good, just please no and-then-everyone-died sort of endings. I'd say anything else is cool. Underage slave!fic AU with non-con scat, bestiality and body-modifications? Yes please! Not that I'm actually asking for this, haha, but I certainly wouldn't dislike it if it were to come up.

* * * * * * * * *

The Goblin Emperor
Characters: Csevet Aisava
For me, Csevet is one of those characters who just begs to be hurt. But that's in no small part because in almost every other aspect he is very competent, quick-witted and intelligent – an opportunist whom luck favours tremendously. So whilst I would absolutely love to have that turn on him – his luck runs dry, a misstep turning out to matter far more than initially thought, going into a terrible situation knowingly, out of loyalty or love – I would also be very pleased just to see him as his usual hyper-organised self.

For shipping, he is my fandom bicycle, at least for the men. Everyone can have a ride. Maia and Beshelar are consensual favourites, Tethimar, Chavar and OCs are non-con favs, but if you have a particular favourite, go for it. I am intrigued about the possibilities of the red-ribbon courier! I don't mind a triangle ship Csevet/Maia/Csethiro but I'd prefer Csevet not paired directly with other women.

• Perhaps either the coup or the assassination attempt went further than it did in the book, or there's another attempt further down the line. Or maybe a disaster happens that's no one's fault. How does Csevet defend and care for Maia, either on his own or working with the nohecharei? Or equally, Csevet is hurt or in danger, and it is Maia who must work things out to help him (maybe hindered by what an emperor should or shouldn't do, or someone's political manoeuvrings).

• Anything with Csevet and a painful past in the courier industry would be like crack to me. Perhaps a what-if scenario where Tethimar recognises him as the courier who gave him that scar and made him look like a fool in front of his men, and decides to take revenge? I would love forever something about past non-con in the context of a present day relationship and how Csevet works through it, with or without the other(s).

• Or on the fluff side of things, maybe the beginning of a relationship? Maia's observations and gradual realisation as Csevet enters a relationship with one of his nohecharei, perhaps.

* * * * * * * * *

Imperial Radch
Characters: Justice of Toren One Esk Nineteen | Breq, Seivarden Vendaai

Breq and Seivarden's relationship is one of my favourite parts of the trilogy. It starts off as a hardwired instinct in Breq – protect her crew – and utter desperation and lack of other options in Seivarden. But they expand and grow from that, each in their own way, and Breq begins to see more than just any one of her own lieutenants (and not even one she likes) in Seivarden, whilst Seivarden comes to understand that Breq is less than human in the way she wants her to be, and more than human in other ways.

I ship (pun not intended) Breq and Seivarden, and I will die on the hill of them having a strong bond – romantic, sexual, or platonic, I don't mind, there is something there. And whilst I'm good with other relationships, for instance between Breq and Mercy of Kalr, I'd prefer the focus of this fic be on Breq and Seivarden however you choose to write them.

• Somehow, miraculously, maybe on some Presger science gifted by Translator Zeiat, Breq becomes Justice of Toren once again. She has to deal with the realisation that her time as a single ancillary changed her, and also deal with Seivarden, who struggles to cope with the change.

• Seivarden saves Breq from something post-canon (natural disaster, assassination attempt, I don't mind), and in doing so is seriously hurt, possibly presumed dead. I would love either the moment, or when Breq confronts her afterwards.

* * * * * * * * *

Valdemar Series
Characters: Vanyel Ashkevron

NB: I have only read The Last Herald Mage trilogy.

Has there ever been a character who cried out for whump more than Vanyel Ashkevron? He is powerful, determined and competent, yet the world just delights in tearing him down again and again. And again and again he gets back up and steels himself for the next, inevitable time. He doesn't complain, he does his best, he takes the hurts and fears of others onto himself, when he can barely stand his own. He is immensely wary of happiness and comfort, even when others are offering it to him with both hands. And he's so damn pretty.

I like all of the canon ships: Vanyel in a moment of happiness with Tylendel or Stefen; Venyel in a moment of profound unhappiness with Krebain, Leareth, or misc. other nasties.

• Vanyel with Yfandes in the Karsite war. Magic, sickness, injury, hunger and cold. It didn't sound like fun and I'd love some nitty-gritty detailing of his time there. Some comfort between the two of them, quiet moments of care and reaffirmation of their humanity (for a lack of a better word), if you'd prefer something less dark. If you're up for something more dark – well, name any atrocity of war. Perhaps Vanyel is captured by the enemy for a period of time.

• Speaking of capture: Vanyel falls into the hands of an enemy mage, Krebain, Leareth, or an OMC if you prefer. They want his body as much as they want his magic, knowledge or loyalties. Vanyel fights them every step of the way, but before he escapes he fails as much as he doesn't.

• Slightly convoluted prompt, but one of my absolute favourite moments in the trilogy was when Vanyel went undercover as Valdir. Just how far Vanyel would go in this intrigues me. Would Valdir sell his body if he needed to? Would he let himself be truly abused? What if someone recognised him and, with the use of drugs or magic, made Vanyel lose himself in Valdir far more than he ever intended?

* * * * * * * * *

The Left Hand of Darkness
Characters: Genly Ai, Therem Harth rem ir Estraven

Oh, my heart. I'll be honest and say that I preferred the second half of the book to the first – that intimacy of living together as if they're the only ones in existence. Utter co-dependence: Estraven pulled more weight but neither could have survived without the other. When they are together, just the two of them, they are equally alien – but they're still both human, in an impartial, vast, and cruel world. There is the growing of understanding and familiarity, and also friendship. It's also terribly sad, because they know that this time with just them on the ice cannot last – they need it to end before they die – but once it's over, they can never return to this unique time and emotion, uncomplicated by the rest of society and its obligations.

I ship Genly/Estraven like nobody's business, and I'm in the market for fix-it fic. Kindness and softness, depth of feeling, understanding. Obviously gen with deep friendship is equally good! But please nothing with a sad ending. With Estraven, if it would be possible to use they/them pronouns, please. And, um, if you could avoid the casual sexism from canon Genly, that would be great.

• Estraven is hurt in their last bid for freedom, but not mortally. Genly follows and patches them up.

• Some conversations and interactions between the pair down the line. Perhaps Estraven went back to Estre, and a few years post-canon, after sorting out as much as he can, Genly comes down to see them again.

• Or if you don't want to change the ending, their time on the ice? Conversations in the tent, perhaps, or some basic first aid as they're recovering from a long day.


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